Surface level isn’t our level.

We approach each project from a strategic viewpoint, working to our tried and tested methodology which has been based on proven frameworks such as the Stamford Institute of Design’s 5-stage Design Thinking Model, agile development systems and the lean start-up process.

Our 6 e's method



We spend time working with you to understand the problems you’re trying to solve, the people you’re trying to engage, and the results you’re looking to achieve.


We directly engage with people you’re trying to connect with and inspire, to understand their habits, frustrations and pain points.


The Brief

We analyse our findings to develop a revised brief that we agree with you, to take forward for potential solutions.

The Solution

We review potential solutions in the context of our analysis, to offer robust routes forward.


We believe in creating evidence-informed solutions. Led by our evaluation, we brainstorm, sketch, prototype and test, to find the most effective ways of meeting the defined brief.

Execute - with Evidence & Expertise

Combining evidence with our expertise is what sets us apart – we execute with our skills and experience to create first-class solutions.

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