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As an international web development business, CodeSilk have partnered with multiple creative agencies in their time building complex websites across Europe. This made us even more proud when they appointed Jump as their agency of choice to undertake a full rebrand, including brand pillars, story, colour pallet and identity.

To successfully rebrand an organisation, you have to gain a deep understanding of the company, its employees, clients, values, mission and overall, what truly makes them different from everyone else in their market place.

We travelled to Bucharest to meet the CodeSilk team and spent time working closely with them to understand everything that made them, them. We delved in to the backstory of the company and picked their brains around the origins and direction of CodeSilk and exactly how they work with their clients to produce outstanding work while building solid relationships.

Throughout our time working with them both onsite and over video call, strong brand elements started to appear, areas that we wanted to weave in to everything that represented the brand.

CodeSilk Logo (Red)
CodeSilk Logo (Green)
CodeSilk Logo (Gold)
CodeSilk Logo (White)

We called these The Cornerstones of CodeSilk:

Our brand stands for: Strong, elegant, connected craftsmanship

Our ethos that guides us is: Empower and grow through true partnership

Our style of work is: Confident, caring and dynamic

The way we go about our business, the way we write and the way we talk is: Simple and inspiring

Once we’d settled on these principles, we worked closely with the founder and managing director to hardness everything in to a tight, inspiring brand narrative that told the story of CodeSilk and engaged everyone in the company’s future direction.

Having completed the hard work, we set about designing an identity and colour pallet that represented these in iconic form. And with that, CodeSilk was reborn.

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