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Few projects are as fun as launching a new product from a new brand – and that’s exactly what Deli Discoveries asked us to do in the summer of 2018.

Tasked with creating a narrative around the product that could weave through all its future activity, we got our thinking caps on.

The idea behind the new antipasti line was to cater for more informal meal occasions, to appeal to Millennials who socialise more and who want high-quality, nutritional products without the need to cook from scratch.

A pack of Deli Discoveries Tomatoes amongst ingredients on a table in the sun
Setting up a photoshoot for the Deli Discoveries Pack

For us, the appeal came in the quality and authenticity in the product and we wanted to create a strategy and narrative that honed in on this and brought it to the forefront.

With that, we focussed on the chance for people to live the Mediterranean way while tucked up in cities across the UK.

Our hero film featured two characters interacting as they made dinner in the kitchen, with the Italian female occasionally speaking single ingredients in her native language – but all recognisable words that are regularly used in English restaurants – making the viewer believe we were watching a setting in the Med.

Cut to the end and the male simply says ‘That’s amazing’ in English while on a roof terrace in London – and the viewer suddenly realises they’ve been watching a UK, and the Italian they heard was part of day-to-day food-based English language.

Filming Directors Cut Board
Filming a scene in a kitchen for Deli Discoveries

The idea behind the film was to show how the product was so good that it was used by Italians themselves while highlighting that the viewer can have a Mediterranean experience at home in the UK.

We combined this with a product-centred website that combined the rustic style of the packaging with playful, mouth-watering copy and a strong brand story that allowed the range to sit front and centre. We also took onboard feedback from the client and designed the site to stand alone without the need for constant updates.

Further 10 – 15 second social media films, featuring serving suggestions, broke new ground in test campaigns with a massive 84% of viewers watching each in their entirety.

We handed back responsibility for the brand to the client as they continued to work on the product and the range, and hope to see it go from strength to strength!

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