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“We have allies, comrades, partners and confidantes – not clients” is how we put it on our values wall – and our partnership with TotalControlPro embodies the very spirit of that.

When we started working with TotalControlPro they were literally half the size they are now – in the three years we’ve been working together, they’ve doubled their workforce and become a major player in the manufacturing industry, where their software helps operators, managers and directors track all elements of the manufacturing process.

It’s all captured in this handy animation we created:

That’s not how our work together started, though – it all started with overhauling the TotalControlPro website, which had served the company from start-up and past product launch but was ready for a refresh ahead of a new product launch.

Old TotalControlPro Website Screenshot
New TotalControlPro Website Screenshot

Beginning with a review of the current brand, we suggested small tweaks to the current logo and the introduction of a secondary colour palette to compliment their strong, purple identity and allow the brand to confidently flourish in the crowded software as a service (SAAS) space.

We used this to create a bright, bold, colourful website that set TotalControlPro aside from their competitors and engaged potential buyers from the very start.

TotalControlPro were so impressed with our work that they set us another challenge – to rename and rebrand their three key products. Hours of research, brain storming and reviews later, we presented our strategy – three strong call to actions for three different products, designed to tie-in with the desired results that potential customers are looking for, without alienating potential clients with terms that could prove barrier to entry.

Activate, Energise and Enterprise were born – all with differentiating, brand colours that sit alongside their nature.

TotalControlPro Activate Brand and Features
TotalControlPro Enterprise Brand and Features

That was enough to solidify our relationships with TotalControlPro, who we’re still working with to this day, and who have become trusted allies as we both look to evolve, grow and improve our companies.

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