Project: Building the new Northampton Business Improvement District (BID) website.

Project: Building the new Northampton Business Improvement District (BID) website.

One of the most rewarding parts of our work is when we get to make a difference to our local community – which is why we jumped at the chance to tender for the design and build of the new Northampton Town Centre Business Improvement District (BID) website.

The BID were looking to bring the town centre to life for visitors with a colourful, image-led site that could provide a home for both members of the BID and potential visitors to the area.

We were pleased as punch to be selected from the tender pool after a competitive process and were then tasked with the challenge of fulfilling the BID’s aims with a site that would help lift the town’s retail hub.

From kick-off we worked closely with the management team and stakeholders to develop a strong, audience-specific approach that featured different landing pages for visitors and members, allowing users to toggle between different areas of the site at the click of a button.

BID Website Screenshot
BID Website Screenshot

These were enhanced by a positive and bright colour palette that brought imagery to life while keeping the focus firmly on navigation and content.

We also developed a bespoke business directory that will allow for simple navigation once it’s launched, as well as feature areas built and designed specifically for planned campaign work.

This was all backed-up by elegant and clean content options to house the necessary documents and information that are needed by power users.

“Jump captured the vision we had from the start of the project and we now have a vibrant web presence that has enabled us to elevate our offering to town centre businesses and the public,” said Mark Mullen, BID Operations Manager.

“Jump went above and beyond throughout and we’d like to say thank you to the whole team at Jump for their creativity, guidance and support.”

BID Website Screenshot
BID Website Screenshot

Steve Walsh, Managing Director of Jump, added:

“We regularly engage with businesses inside the BID both in commercial and leisure capacities and right from the off we were totally aligned with the BID’s vision for how they wanted to portray the town centre.

“It’s been fantastic getting to know their team and understanding more about how they are looking to improve business opportunities and we’re looking forward to seeing them use the new site to build consumer confidence off the back of a challenging time during social distancing.

“Whether it’s working closely with the fantastic Tangerine Red on print campaigns, buying amazing coffee from Yellow Bourbon or sitting down to drink our favourite craft drinks at Maule Collective after work, we’ll continue to support the BID and businesses within it as much as we possibly can.”

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