News: Happy Birthday to us! Jump turns seven

1st September 2022

News: Happy Birthday to us! Jump turns seven

It’s been seven years since Jump Media Group was officially registered as a business, being founded on 1 September 2015.

We exist to change people’s worlds – one strategic word, pixel and graphic at a time – and we’re happy we’ve done just that over the past 2,555 days.

Some highlights and achievements from the last seven years include:

  • 5 offices
  • 38 staff and contractors
  • 87 clients
  • 59 digital projects
  • 2,192 Indesign files
  • 2.1 terabytes of Dropbox space
  • £200,000+ of social impact delivered through cut-price fees and charity projects

A huge thank you to everyone who has trusted us to work on their behalf, everyone we’ve trusted to work on our behalf, and everyone who has supported our success to date.

Better never stops – and we’re not certainly not stopping at seven…

Image: How it started v how it’s going

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