News: We're opening an office in Harrogate - the Aim Higher Hub

29th August 2022
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News: We're opening an office in Harrogate - the Aim Higher Hub

The contracts have been signed, the keys have been collected, and we’re thrilled to reveal that we’re opening a new collaboration space in Harrogate.

Seven years on from the birth of the company, North Yorkshire has become our latest location, as a northern hub alongside our base at the Innovation Centre in Northampton.

The Aim Higher Hub – as it’ll be affectionately known – is based at Rudding Park Estate, to the south east of Harrogate, just north of Leeds.

Our largest premises to date, the Hub is a self-contained unit with a kitchen, shower and toilets, alongside outdoor space with a small rear terrace.

While we remain a remote-first business, we believe in investing in spaces that provide our team and clients with the opportunity of collaboration, inspiration and choice.

“The offices and spaces of the future are collaboration and exploration spaces, which allow you to collaborate and create away from your desk,” Managing Director, Steve Walsh, said.

“One of the key things that has allowed Jump to grow from a tiny acorn based in my spare, ‘box’ room when it started, to the organisation it is today, is that we’ve always been remote-first.

“And we remain remote-first. But having a space to come together and collaborate with colleagues, clients and contacts is still as important as ever. And that’s why we’ve created this space in Harrogate.

“For me, I like to leave home to work regularly, to separate work and personal spaces and to be inspired by an environment that we’ve set-up to help us deliver amazing, creative solutions.

“We’re immensely proud of all the spaces we have, and have had, at Jump, and how we’ve brought these alive for ourselves and for our clients to both enjoy and thrive in. And long may that continue.”

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